I Am Carla Bruni's Neighbor

But a street is all we share

OK, I’m Back

For the two of you paying attention — chiefly my mother and I suspect that creepy guy I went out with once in college who now works for the CIA — you may have noticed I’ve been absent from this space for a while. 

There was the barrage of Christmas commitments, a family journey down to the Basque region and into Pamplona, Spain (the Pyrenees mountain goats send their very best New Year’s wishes), and then the annual struggle to stave off existential thoughts, finally culminating in resolutions that I have, against all predictions, so far kept. They can be summarized thusly: grow the mind, shrink the body. So Saturday there was The Great Gatsby and a multitude of stomach crunches. Yesterday there was French study and some Dickens. Today there was a nice run, pushups and … a self-help book about sleeping better. What can I say? It was a free download. Some days are better than others. 

There is also a new project, which is calling me. More soon….

  • 17 January 2012
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